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Peggo Horstmann Hodes, Co-President, Concord, vibrantvoice@gmail.com

Jamie Saucier, Co-President, East Kingston, jamie_saucier@hotmail.com

Dick Ayers, Vice President, Sanborton, rayers@seresc.net

Amanda Nelson, Secretary, Dover, anelson@artiumamore.com

Nicki Clarke, Immediate Past President, Amherst, nclarke@ccanh.com

Kathie Lovett, Bristol, lovettworks@gmail.com

Mary McLaughlin, Bedford, mwmbriar@gmail.com

Sarah Stewart, Manchester, sarah.crawford.stewart@gmail.com

Jayme Simoes, Concord. js@lkarno.com

Roger Brooks, ex officio, Concord, drbrooks@comcast.net




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NHCFA pursues a vibrant and sustainable arts sector through education, enlightened public policy and public funding in support of the arts.


Believing that the arts are important for the education of our children, the vitality of our towns and cities, the health of our economy, and the inspiration and enjoyment of our citizens, New Hampshire Citizens for the Arts advocates for appropriate legislative and financial investment in the arts in order to create an atmosphere where the arts can flourish, and to strengthen opportunities for participation in the arts for all citizens.


     • Sustain and increase public funding for New Hampshire’s artists, arts organizations, cultural facilities, arts-in-education and arts-in-health care programs, through the State’s legislative appropriation for the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts, and through local government initiatives.

     • Sustain and increase federal funding for the National Endowment for the Arts, whose programs directly benefit the arts in New Hampshire and across the nation.

     • Inform our members and other citizens about arts advocacy issues and opportunities, and encourage their participation in grassroots action.

     • Promote legislation that improves conditions for the arts and artists, and discourage legislation that adversely affects the arts.

     • Advance tax policies favorable to artists and arts organizations.

     • Provide opportunities to share information and network for members of the New Hampshire arts community.

     • Elicit arts policies and positions from State and Federal candidates and campaigns and communicate this information to the public.



     • Conduct direct advocacy using the NHCFA board and our membership.

     • Retain a paid lobbyist at the State level to inform us of opportunities for influence.

     • Use the Americans for the Art federal lobbyist to inform us of opportunities for influence at the federal level.

     • Mobilize support for legislation favorable to the arts, and opposition for legislation unfavorable to the arts.

     • Inform and educate our members and the public about opportunities for advocacy through Arts Advocacy Alerts and Updates, our web site, and occasional public workshops and forums.

     • Disseminate information about arts policy to interested citizens across the state.

     • Collaborate and partner with other advocacy groups and related organizations.


NH Citizens for the Arts (NHCFA) is not a new initiative. In the late 1970s, artists, arts educators, people representing arts organizations, and citizens from all walks of life, came together to support the budget of the NH State Council on the Arts and its initiatives. One of these was Percent for Art, passed by the legislature in 1979, which added ½ of one percent to the cost of most new construction or major renovation of state buildings for site-specific public art work.


Formalized as ARTS 1000: NH Citizens for the Arts in 1984, with a part-time director/lobbyist, the organization was actively involved during the 1985 legislative session in the largest increase in the Arts Council’s budget to date, a 150% increase from 13 cents per citizen to 33 cents per citizen. In 1986-87, ARTS 1000 helped pass the Cultural Facilities Bill, establishing an Arts Council program to support the capital needs of cultural organizations. ARTS 1000 incorporated as a NH non-profit in March 1987, and maintained an active role during the next few years, while the Arts Council budget increased to nearly 50 cents per citizen.


Due to economic uncertainties in the 1990s, the organization found it difficult to retain its membership base and was relatively inactive. In October 1997, partially in response to threats to the National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities, ARTS 1000 was reconstituted as the all-volunteer New Hampshire Campaign for the Arts and Humanities, and took an outspoken role in the presidential primary and campaign of 1997-98.


In 2002-03, the organization re-emerged as New Hampshire Citizens for the Arts. With support from the national arts-service organization Americans for the Arts, NHCFA was actively involved in ArtsVoteNH during the presidential primary and campaign of 2007-08. It reincorporated and was granted IRS status as a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization in 2008. Currently we are in process of obtaining a 501 (c) (3) status for the NHCFA Foundation.


The economic downturn of the last few years severely impacted the Arts Council budget, as well as support for the arts across the state. Although the Arts Council’s staff was cut in half in its FY2010 budget, NHCFA helped prevent an equivalent loss in its state-appropriated grants funds. In FY2011, the state appropriation for the Arts Council allowed them to spend $462,065 (35 cents per citizen, based on the current NH population of about 1.3 million), but further cuts resulted in a current Arts Council appropriation of less than $400,000.


NH Citizens for the Arts currently operates as a board-led, all-volunteer organization with a budget of around $12,000 a year, supported by membership contributions from organizations and individuals around the state. The largest expense is for a contracted lobbying firm, Sheehan Phinney Capitol Group, which represents the interests of the arts community in the State Legislature in Concord.



NHCFA pursues a vibrant and sustainable arts sector through education, enlightened public policy and public funding in support of the arts.




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